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This House

Built on foundations – diversity, equality, freedom – once thought solid

Now crumbled beneath


Veneer used to hide, to shine where light was scarce or non-existent

Now is scratched, dull, and dented

Showing the ugly scars beneath


Additions made to show the wealth and momentum

Now mere skeletons of their intent

With winds of change – for worse, not better – blowing through


The flag, brand new and brightly colored

Waves and people cheer

Blinded by the stars displayed

They fail to see


Their home is collapsing

Crumbling into history



When I was little, I saw you from afar. You were so great, so full of hope, opportunity, prosperity, forward motion. Truly the land of milk and honey, or so I believed.

Where are you now?


When I was little, it seemed like you fought for those who couldn’t. You were willing to rise to the challenge when others wouldn’t.

Where are you now?


When I was little, you welcomed those in need. You said, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

Where are you now?


When I was little, I watched as your women appeared to go where they hadn’t been able to before. Equality was gaining, and not just for them, if only by inches.

Where are you now?


When I was little, I trusted all the times you said, “Never again!” or “This can’t happen here,” in the face of atrocities toward others, be they Jewish, Muslim, Christian, or otherwise.

Where are you now?



First floating, then swimming, moving forward as I go.  

Clearing hurdles as they come. Struggling to stay afloat.

Then a riptide pulls me under;  

Deeper, deeper, down I go.

Stuck in this maelstrom of feeling too much and nothing at all

Not knowing which way to go in order to breathe again.




Love does not  hurt.

Love does not cheat.

Love does not abuse.

Love does not threaten or fear or trick.

Love is caring.

Love is faithful.

Love is gentle and kind.

Love is truth. Loyalty. Faith. Hope.

Love is love.  


It’s just you
I am dismissed

It’s a bother
I am a bother

Ill chosen words
Cut down to my darkest self

I am a burden



Stop breaking me
Tearing me

Breaking again

Stop before the pieces of me
Are too small to put together again

My sense of self


Poisoned Wound

wordly wounds inflicted,


going deeper by the day.

try to slice through

before they settle

in the heart of me.

bleeding not red

but poisoned words

and thoughts;

leeching them.

watch them stain

and drip from unwilling fingers

that seem to fight

to hold on to them.

as I watch, I wonder

am I too late?

has their mark taken permanent hold over me?

Dark Again

Drained and lost,

I don’t know what to trust.

Least of all myself.

Gun-shy and weary,

I don’t know what to do.

Feeling isolated and alone

in darkness that shrouds me once again.

At the bottom of my soul

I don’t know what I’ll find.

Need out of this pit.

Can’t find the motivation,

or the reason why.

Need for someone to switch on the light.


Despondency settles over me
like a woolen winter blanket
in summer’s highest heat
entangling me
even as I try to break free

Panic Rises

Panic rises
I fall again
as light fades
into black
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