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I’m known to most in the fandom as naelany, commonly referred to as nae. I write mostly fanfic, but do write other things on occasion.

This will be home to my ramblings, poems, short stories, and whatever else comes tumbling out of my brain.

So sit back, enjoy, and leave some love if you’re so inclined.




  1. Hi Naelany. I do enjoy your work so much. I just found your poem regarding the Paris attack and nearly cried as it is so tragically real. I grew up in a far more innocent time where kids could play outside alone without someone calling the CPS. Heck, I remember going downtown with my friends on the bus at the age of 10 and no one thought anything was wrong with it. I also started babysitting at that age (not late at night, just to early evening). The world seems so much darker. yeah I know we had much of the same crime though not the terrorist activity we have now, it just wasn’t so in your face as there was no instant news like now. Still back then I felt safe walking the streets of my neighborhood at night, now I’d be afraid to walk them at all.

    I do have one question for you. I remembered reading your story, Skip on Keira;s site and somehow missed the last part. Will you be posting it anywhere? I would love to read the completed story as I truly enjoyed it..

    • Hi Laura! I know what you mean. I remember walking to school from Kindergarten-ish age on. I played outside. Went for walks on my own and went blocks away to visit friends I’d made on my own without parental intervention (and yes, some of them were adults. Can you even imagine a kid being able to do that these days without eyebrows getting raised?). All of that. I don’t know if I’d be comfortable to do that with my kids now (if I had any, that is), but I would hope I would give them that same freedom I had. It’s how we grow as people, after all.

      Thank you very much for your kind words. It means a lot to hear them. As for Skip, it will be posted on here once it’s been through beta/edit. All my stories will, it just takes a little time 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed those boys, they were quite fun to write.

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