Title: At the Deep End
Fandom/Genre: Twilight
Relationship(s): Edward/Jasper
Content Rating: M

Warning: mention of abuse. Violence. Hate speech.
Summary: After an encounter at camp many years ago Jasper thought he would never see Edward again but little did he know who his new teammate would turn out to be…….

Notes: this story is already posted on fanfiction.net. Many people have helped me with it to varying degrees – betas, sounding boards, legal advice, and medical. Thank you all, for everything you’ve done over the years to help make these boys come to life. It’s been a long journey that will finally close after five years.

Thank you, reader, for your patience and support during this time. It’s meant the world to me.

If you’re new to At the Deep End, I ask that you please bear in mind that this was my very first attempt at writing. I’ve elected to not change anything from when I first started. This is my baby, and I’ve grown along with it, as I hope you can see once we arrive at the other end.

In the mean time, enjoy.

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