A/N: This bunny bit hard and fast and would not leave me be until it was written. I thank Mia for the unintended, but very persistent plot bunny.
Thanks to Jilly for beta’ing. 


So yeah, my very first foray into Avengers fandom. Obviously, I don’t own it, or Marvel. If I did, there’d definitely be more female heroes out there being made into movies, and there’d be a whole lot more slash involved in general 😉
14,327 days, 8 hours, 10 minutes and 17 seconds.
She smiles as she trails a finger over the markings that mean her son will have a soulmate, too. It’s a gift not many receive, but knowing it’ll be his fills her heart with joy. Her only regret is that he will have to wait thirty-nine long years to find his mate. Still, as she holds her newborn son in her arms, she vows to do all she can to prepare him. “You will know love, Anthony,” she whispers in his hair.
9777 days, 19 hours, 2 minutes and 55 seconds.
Tony leans into his dad’s side, clutching his jacket, his eyes fixed on the casket as it’s lowered into the ground. His father puts his arm around Tony’s shoulder. Tony tries to be strong, to not cry at the first sounds of dirt being tossed onto his mother’s last resting place. Hiccuping, he turns his face away, unable to stand the sight of the finality of it. It isn’t long before everything is done and people begin to wander off, leaving father and son alone at the gravesite.

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