The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt #: 2
Pen name: naelany
Pairing: Jasper, Victoria
Rating: M

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My thanks to SorceressCirce for beta’ing
One last bottle, I tell myself. I’ll quit drinking after this.

With a sigh, I open the door. A bell tinkles, announcing my arrival. I cringe. I hate that fucking bell.

I glance at the counter, grimacing. Great, the redhead.

Her simpering smile makes my stomach churn uncomfortably; her smoke-honey voice grates my nerves. “Well, hello again, soldier.”

“Evenin’, Vic.”

I really wish she’d stop calling me that. I’m no soldier anymore, just a disgrace.

I left the wars behind long ago – they just never left me.

My only escape is by drinking myself into a stupor.

And even then…