The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt #: 10
Pen name: naelany
Pairing: Edward, Jasper
Rating: M

Photos for prompts can be found here:
Thanks to SorceressCirce for beta’ing.


“What the fuck? No!”

I stare, incredulous, at the spot where my bike had been chained not an hour before.

I grumble. “That’s the third fucking time this week! Assholes!”

Sighing, I grab my cell to let work know I’m running late. Again. Mike’s not happy, but there’s fuck all I can do about it.

Why did I think moving to Amsterdam was such a good idea?

Sure, I could get around easily enough, and biking’s the norm here, but, fuck! I can’t afford to keep replacing it.

“Need a ride?”

I gulp, meeting his eyes.

More than you know.