Random Picture Prompts – Take 1.

So a couple of weeks ago I asked people on twitter for images to use as prompts.  The intent was to use them when I needed something to jump start my writing on days I was having trouble doing so. As you can imagine, I’ve had the chance to use them. Here are some of the ones I was given. These will only get posted to my blog, so if you haven’t subscribed yet, now might be the time to do it. I hope you enjoy.

MyCrookedSmile gave me this picture:
“Bella? Bella!”
I can’t breathe! This isn’t happening! He can’t…

Alice shakes me, trying to get me to respond, but it’s like I’m stuck and can’t move – can’t even talk. My eyes are fixed on where he walked out of the church.    

At the altar? He just left…
I take a shuddering breath as I feel the tears build.
How could he?

“Jasper, help me, please?”  

“I’m sorry, Bella… I can’t do this.”
Hands reach for me.
“…not good enough…”

My legs give out, and I fall to the ground.  

Blackness envelopes me, and I feel like I’m drowning. 


ViolentSerenity gave me a few to use. Here’s one of them. 
Wiping away my tears, I try to be quiet. I don’t want her to know how her words have hurt me.

We’ve fought before, but never like this.
I don’t understand why she’s still here.

I ache to touch her, to try to make things right again, but I’m afraid that there is no fixing this.

Shifting carefully, I try to look at her, but she’s facing away from me, her body language closed off.
Turning back on my side, I cover my head, hoping to shut out the accusations.  
“It’s your fault she’s dead!”
I cry, because she’s right.


And Calin_Durus sent me this one:
He whispers, “I don’t understand…why?”

We both watch as they pull the sheet over the bodies, hiding them from sight.
What had started out as a fun night spent with friends has turned into a night of sorrow – of stunned disbelief and heartache. 
I can hear the murmuring of the crowd around us, but it all feels far away – surreal. The only thing that’s real is Jasper as he leans into me, seeking comfort. I wrap my arms around him, sighing, “I don’t know, babe.”
Closing my eyes, I try to forget the pain – holding on to love instead. 


I’ll post more when I have them written. They’re a nice little exercise for me, so if you want to send some, feel free to do so through twitter. I’m @naelany there. I’m not looking for anything specific, so anything you want to send, even completely random stuff (like with the Twi25 prompts) is fine. Thanks to everyone who’s given me some already. Let me know what you think?

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  1. I love what you did with this pics. You manage very well to express the feelings of each pics. Are they drabbles or just some short pieces of prose? <3Seren

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