Random Picture Prompts – Take 2

The following prompt were given to me by ViolentSerenity, and mynameisserendipity
Thanks to SorceressCirce for beta’ing these, as always.
I still don’t own Twilight, I just can’t seem to resist playing in that sandbox.

Late Arrivals
“Damnit, Al, why couldn’t I just sulk in peace at home?” 


The last thing I want is to attend one of my sister’s “parties,” but she insisted. I scowl into my glass, determined to wallow – drowning myself in scotch.She rolls her eyes, simply saying, “Because…” before walking off.

I’m on my fifth drink, mood still dour, when I see him. 

At first, I glance down, chalking it up to imagination and too much alcohol.
A glass appears before me; I look up.

His blue eyes are apologetic. “Sorry I’m so late, darlin’.”

His smile makes my world right again.


Just look at them, giggling away like a gaggle of hens…or is that geese?I frown, shaking my head.


Bella, Rose, and Alice all huddle together, talking excitedly about the dance.

Pretending to care, I smile, rolling my eyes at the guys.

I shred the roll I bought for lunch to pieces, unable to eat because my stomach is in knots.

I asked Bella to be my date, to much teasing from everyone.

Again, I wonder why I did it.

One glance at the silhouette in blond next to me is my answer.

Because you can’t ask him.

Bleeding Color
The day she left, it was as if all the color in my life went with her.
Everything became black, gray, or white.
All that had mattered was her and the love we had. It had blossomed, painted the world in bright colors, where before it had merely been pale shades.  
Now, there is nothing.
There is no more vibrancy.
I simply exist, surviving day to day.  
Sipping my daily java, I look up.
I gasp as I drown in brilliant green.
Slowly, color seeps into my vision – reddish-brown, almost copper, rose, dark blue.
He smiles.
Tentatively, I return it. 



  1. See! I am not the only one to give you birds for drabbles:) You did an excellent job with them. I have a particular liking for the hens! Love you Seren

  2. I want to get around to commenting on all the drabbles but I have some beta work to get through first.I absolutely love the way you set up your wording, how it flows together. It's just beautiful. :)They are each absolutely wonderful. I love the boy love undertone. They each envelope a world of their own that I'd love to see in full.

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