The Twilight Twenty-FiveThe Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt #: 24
Pen name: naelany
Pairing: Rosalie, Emmett
Rating: T
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Thanks to SorceressCirce for beta’ing.
“Alec, you get your ass back here right now!”
I look up, locating the source of commotion. Rolling my eyes, I sigh.
Great. Hopefully this isn’t a regular occurrence.
My eyes flicker across the façade of what is to be my new home for the next year, at least.
Finding my apartment, I fumble with my keys, trying to balance the box on my hip as I open the door.
Suddenly, my hands are empty, my burden lifted from me. Startled, I turn.
Bright, blue eyes, a dimply smile, short, dark hair, an extended hand.
“I’m Emmett.”
I smile. “Rose.”