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I glance at my watch, cursing under my breath when I see the time. I was supposed to meet him half an hour ago, but a flat tire this morning derailed my entire day. To top things off, I can’t get hold of him – no signal at the beach.
“Everything perfectly planned, and it still goes to shit…”
Patting my pocket, I sigh in relief as my fingers trace the outline of the small box.
The last thing I need is for that to be missing right now.
Clutching my camera tighter, I walk faster, closing the distance between us.

Notes drift toward me as I get closer, making me smile.
Rounding a bend, I see the source of the music, sitting alone, completely absorbed as his fingers nimbly move along the chords, evoking my favorite song of his own making.
I pause to take him in, never growing tired of observing him, especially like this.
He’s beautiful, creative, free.
His wavy hair is blown softly by the breeze, the sun reflecting off his blond mane. I long to run my fingers through it.
He’s ethereal, almost. I’m compelled to capture him.
Raising my camera, I bring him into focus.
I hear his, “I know you’re there, Darlin’,” at the same time my finger presses the release.
Rolling my eyes, I take the last few steps and sit behind him.
I wrap my arms around his neck, kissing him softly beneath his ear, murmuring, “How do you do that?”
He shrugs, a crooked grin playing on his lips even as his fingers let the last notes of his song linger.
“I just know,” he says.
I take a deep breath and smile, enjoying his scent mixed with brine and sun.
He puts his guitar in its case and turns around.
Taking my camera, he puts it on top of his guitar case. When he looks up at me through his lashes, I know I’m in trouble, but I can’t find it in myself to ward him off.
Placing his hands on my shoulders, he shoves hard. I topple over – he follows.
“Darlin’, is there ever going to be a time when you won’t keep me waiting?”
His voice is teasing as he runs his nose along my jaw. My hands grip his sides, fingers digging into skin.
He moans.
Nipping at his jaw, I whisper, “About that… Sit up, baby.”
He does so, a look of confusion in his eyes.
I cup his face, pecking his lips once before shifting to sit on my heels.
Reaching into my pocket, my fingers clutch at the box, opening it.
I pry the ring from its prison, and I have to close my eyes briefly to gather myself. When I open them again, it’s to gaze into cerulean eyes holding nothing but love, concern, and lust in their depths.
With my free hand, I take his left. I smile, knowing he still has no idea.
A thrill of anticipation runs down my spine.
I can’t resist kissing him again, so I do.
When I pull back, he’s dazed but smiling, and the ring I picked out hovers in front of his finger.
“I promise you, the day we get married, I won’t keep you waiting. I’ll be the first one there. Jasper, please say you’ll be my husband?”
He gasps.
I watch his eyes grow darker, almost midnight as they shimmer with emotion.
His gaze flickers between my face and our hands.
He wets his lips repeatedly before whispering, “Yes, Peter. I’ll be yours.”
Slipping the ring on his finger, I kiss him.