Fragile Heart

A/N: Happy Birthday, Aradi! I hope you have a fantastic day. 
Thanks to Sorceresscirce for betaing. 


My heart’s fragile.

Broken at least a hundred times.

At least once by him.

I swore I’d never again let anyone have power over it. For a while, I succeeded in keeping that promise.

It’s been years since I saw him last.

Only days since I last thought of him.

Now he’s here.

Right here, in front of me.

Asking for another chance.

Telling me he’s grown – changed.

My heart, finally healed, feeling whole again after all this time, beats frantically.

With a trembling hand, I reach out, handing it to him.

How can I not?

I love him still.


  1. love love love it! How can he not? (because I've decided he's a he. How could he not be?) srsly, HOWYou're so sweet to me, bb. Thank you!

  2. *grins* how, indeed 😉 You're more than welcome, bb! *mwah*

  3. Yes I believe it is a he as well 😉 nicely done Nae…Happy bday Aradi

  4. Very sweet. A second chance at some love. Happy Birthday!!

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