A last minute decision, but one I’m glad I made. There is a fund-raising effort taking place right now to help the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence by the Fandom Against Domestic Violence.
Initially, I had told myself I wasn’t going to be able to contribute this time, even though I firmly believe in the cause. I just didn’t feel I had the time to do it. When Stolenxsanity heard about the fundraiser, she signed up but ended up in a time crunch (these things will happen when one only finds out about it less than a week before entries are due!), so I offered to collab with her.

We did, and we have ended up with a story that was hard to write but well worth it. I hope you’ll check out the site and consider donating to a worthy cause. There are over 100 authors that have contributed to this, so you’ll definitely receive something fantastic for helping out.

Thank you for being such a kick ass fandom. I’m proud to be a part of this.

Let’s rock the good stuff, okay?