My Gift

A/N: Happy birthday, Whitlock’s Girl, I hope you have a great day.
Here’s a little bit of Edward/Jasper for you. Enjoy.

Thanks to OnTheTurningAway for beta’ing.

As ever, I don’t own Twilight, it owns me. 

He fidgets – Edward never fidgets. I can’t help but wonder what’s going on. He had insisted on coming out here, into the garden, claiming the need for fresh air.
We sit in silence for a while, a little closer than normal; while I’m out, he’s not. I begin to wonder if he’s alright, especially when he starts tugging at his beanie – a nervous habit.
Finally, he turns to me, smiling weakly.
He whispers, “I wanted to give you something special.” Pausing, he breathes, “Happy Birthday, Jazz.”
He pulls me to him, his lips pressing gently against mine – our first kiss.


  1. Oh you have made my day, but you always do with those little tastes of sweetness. I love it and you. THANK YOU!

  2. *frowns at blogger* it posted right, but now it didn't show the formatting. strange. Anyway! Glad you liked it 🙂 (and actually read the words, not just ogled the picture lol)

  3. I love that picture and the idea to make it a first kiss is lovely!

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