The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: 4
Pen name: naelany
Pairing: Jasper
Rating: M
Photos for prompts 1, 7, 13, 19, & 25 can be found here:


“Jazz! Snap out of it, man…”

“Jasper, stop!”

Their words wash over me as Emmett carries me outside, his arms locked tight around my chest. They do nothing but incite my anger.

That blood is mine! Mine!

It isn’t until we’re far enough away for the fresh air to take the smell of her blood with it that sense starts to crawl back to me.

Blood… so much blood…

My body slackens. Emmett lets go once he figures out I’ve stopped fighting. I fall to the ground.

Oh God… Bella! What have I done?

I dry-heave, needing to expel…