The Twilight Twenty-Five
Prompt: 7
Pen name naelany:
Pairing: Jasper/Bella
Rating: T
Photos for prompts 1, 7, 13, 19, & 25 can be found here:

“Ready?” I whisper.

She nods. I remove my hands from her eyes. She blinks, taking in the scene before her, gasping softly. “Jasper! What’s all this?”

She turns to me with wide eyes. I grin, resting my hands on her extended belly.

“Well, B, since you’re not really allowed out of bed… I wanted to do something to make our anniversary special. Especially since it’ll be the last one we’ll spend alone.”

She turns in my arms, kissing me deeply. “That’s the sweetest thing…”

Carefully, I help her down onto the cushions before settling next to her.

“Happy anniversary, darlin’.”