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“What if they catch us?”

“So what?” He shrugs, pulling me along, further away from the others.

They know we’re gay, but we haven’t told anyone about our being together yet. Mostly because I’m too worried it’ll make things awkward.

Satisfied we’re hidden from prying eyes, he stops and pulls me into his arms, his lips instantly on mine. The possessive hold he has on me makes me wish we were truly alone.

I moan into the kiss.

He pulls away, panting, “I love you, Jazz.”

A smile spreads slowly as I murmur, “I love you, too, Ed.”

He grins.


  1. Awwww. Thanks so much, Karin! That's so sweet and sexy. I love drabbles based on photos!xoxo Katie

  2. Glad you liked it! You are more than welcome 🙂

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