Piano Man


A/N: Happy birthday, Melooza! Hope you have a wonderful day.
As ever, I do not own Twilight – it owns me.

The music changes the second I step through the door, welcoming me home. I smile for the first time all day. It’s been harrowing. I want nothing more than to hole up in the comfort of my man’s arms.

As if sensing my mood, the music shifts again, becoming soothing and sultry at once as I go about my rituals.

When I make it to the living room, Edward looks up, continuing to play. “Hey, baby,” he murmurs as I walk over to him.

“Hey,” I reply, resting against the piano, listening.

He finishes. Stepping up to him, I kiss him. “Thank you.”


  1. So I was rereading this for the tenth time when I realized I hadn't reveiwed! FOR SHAME. Thanks for this! 🙂

  2. hahaha I'm so glad you liked it, bb *hugs*

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