Everything’s packed, the others are ready to go. They’ve allowed me a few minutes so I can take care of this one last thing before we leave Rochester forever.

Standing outside her house, I gaze into the living room. My dead heart breaks at the sight of Vera, huddled in her rocker with Henry squirming and whimpering in her lap.

She’s crying as she reads my letter. My goodbye.

The best I can give her is the belief that I could not go through with my wedding and ran away, never to return.

“I’ll love you, Vera. Always,” I whisper.

A/N: Alas, we have reached the end of Rose’s story. I’m actually quite sad to mark this as complete.
Thank you, for coming on this ride with me. I hope that reading this has given you a slightly different perspective on Rosalie.
To preempt any questions, Rose’s story from here out is canon. I’ve just given a bit of a twist to the reason behind Rose being Rose in the books.
I do not expect to revisit this story.
Thank you, once again, to Evieeden for the prompt, the banner, and the bunny, as well as beta services.