I thank Alice again on my way out the door. She merely nods, smiling sadly. There’s no time for talk, as there are too many customers that require her attention.

Seeing a woman with a stroller trying to get in, I hurry to open the door for her, stepping aside to allow her to enter before I make my way outside. My heart aches at the sight of the beautiful little girl who smiles up at me with dimpled cheeks and a giggle, her hands making gimme moves.

Esme clutches me tightly as the doctor finishes delivering the news. Our baby boy didn’t make it. His little heart failed, despite their best efforts to save him.

They leave us in peace for a while as we absorb the news and attempt to comfort each other. Esme’s in shock from grief, and I’m not faring much better, myself.

She asks to see him one last time. I can’t deny her. Minutes later they bring us his body. Esme starts crying as she cradles him in her arms. I wrap mine around them both, pressing my lips against her hair as I try to keep my composure, wanting to be strong for her. I can’t keep the tears at bay, however, when I hear her whisper, “My little Ambrose.” Immortal. And I know that, in a way, he will be.