Someone cups my elbow in their hand, and I gasp, blinking confusedly as I get my bearings again. Charlie watches me carefully, gauging whether I need help or if I’m going to be alright. The answer to that is unclear, even to me. I feel as if I’ll never be alright again.

Still, I smile reassuringly at him. Charlie nods grimly, his voice gruff as he asks, “Do you want me to give you a ride, Carlisle?”

He knows what today is. What awaits me once I make it to the hospital. He’s been there for me ever since that fateful day.

Opening the door, I blink at Charlie standing on my porch looking tired but with a look of satisfaction as he says, “We got ’em, Carlisle. Found the bastard hiding away in a motel a couple of towns over. He’ll pay for what happened, Carlisle. I promise.”

All I can do is stare, unable to really grasp what he’s telling me. Part of me can’t even be bothered with it, because nothing will make Esme come back to me. No matter what happens, my life will never be the same again.