I remembered I had this. It was supposed to be a part of a “guess who wrote this drabble” thing a while back, but it never got anywhere and since I’d already written it, it was left to gather dust. Well, I figured it was about time it saw some light, so here you have it. Enjoy.


“Uncle Edward?”

I sigh. “Yes?”

“Are we there yet?”

I groan, my fingers tightening around the steering wheel as I try to remain calm.

He’s only four. He’s only four. Don’t lose it; he’s only four.

I keep repeating my mantra, taking a deep breath and flipping the turn signal. My eyes flicker to the backseat before focusing on my right turn. I love my nephew to death, but there are times when I could throttle him.

This is one of those times.

He’s been asking the same questions the entire four hour drive from Seattle.

“Not yet, Emmett.”