Damn, I’m late…
I had rushed home from the airport to grab my swimming gear and hopefully make it to my class on time. I’d missed the last month with the kids at the pool, thanks to back-to-back conferences. I hated going to those things, but they were part of what I’d signed up for. Well, mostly. I might be working for the family company, but I still had to keep up to date on what went on in the computer business, living up to my father’s expectations.
Cullen or no, it was important to stay ahead of the game.

So I’d gone to San Diego for two weeks, followed by a conference for the swimming club. All the clubs that worked together for competitions, teaching standards and all that fun stuff sent a representative to them. This year, I was voted to go, and I ended up away from the kids for four weeks. I was never as glad to come home as I was now.  But if I didn’t hurry to the pool, I was going to be too late. I’d have to wait until next week before seeing my class again.
I growled softly, stuffing my water polo trunks into my bag as well as my flip flops and towels. At least I could make it to training tonight. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, locking it behind me. Jumping into my car, I smiled at the thought of seeing the team again and getting some of this pent up energy out of my system.
When I drove up to the swimming hall, I saw Tyler walk by and honked the horn as I parked in the first available space.
“Cullen!” he yelled.
I chuckled and waved as I walked up to him.  “Hey man, how’s it going?”
“Good… missed ya, man; team’s not the same without you.” He grinned and held his fist out to me in greeting. I bumped it with mine before we headed in.
I went straight to the locker room to shower and change, leaving Tyler behind. I loved coming here because of the feeling of camaraderie that the team shared. I knew Emmett had been taking care of the training sessions, but it’d be nice to get back in there. I hurried up and changed into my trunks after I was done in the shower, slipped on my flip flops, and walked into the hall. I could see a few stragglers from the class I’d just missed and nodded in greeting to  them. I noticed what looked to be a new guy I didn’t recognize. I didn’t pay too much attention to him and headed to the storage closet to grab the balls we’d need for training.
I could hear the girls giggling as I was walking out with the net of balls slung over my back, and then I heard Emmett calling my name.
“Cullen! Good to have you back man.”
I looked up and grinned at him. “Hey, man! It’s good to be back; I hate going to those conferences. I’d much rather be here training with you guys.”
I snickered and looked at the guy standing next to him, the new guy. Well, fuck me… I was taken aback by the feeling of knowing him, really knowing him.
“Looks like we’ve got some fresh meat. Who’s the new guy, Em?”
Do I know this guy? He looks familiar, but… I looked at him, and it almost felt like I could drown in the blue-green of his eyes; I wanted to drown in them. I know those eyes… I shivered a little as his eyes raked over my body.
“Cullen, this is Jasper. He just moved here… where from again, bro?”
Emmett turned to look at him, and he shook his head slightly as he answered, “California.” His voice had a definite Texas drawl to it, which confused me.
“California, you say…” I sounded almost puzzled, even to my own ears.
I shrugged and put down the bag I’d been holding.
“Well, welcome to the team, Jasper.” I smiled slightly and nodded.
“Thanks.” He muttered as he ran his fingers through his hair. The gesture seemed oddly familiar somehow.
I looked at him for a second longer as I tried to place him, but when I couldn’t, I turned my attention to the team.
“Okay, guys!” I could hear the girls grumble. I grinned at them and gave them a sexy wink, making them giggle more.  “Let’s get started.”
As we were going about our training, I kept looking at Jasper. There was something there, tugging at my memories. I could almost feel it as I took in his honey blond hair and the lean muscles on his back. Like me, he had a swimmer’s body – broad shoulders that tapered to a narrow waist. I could feel my body coming to life, and I had to pause for a moment to will my growing erection away.
Stop that right now. It’s not like you’re going to be able to do anything about it anyway, not after last time. Besides, you don’t even know him…or do you?
I couldn’t shake that feeling of familiarity whenever I looked at him. I sighed and blew the whistle to change our routine. I climbed out of the pool and had Emmett help me put the goal up. We started shooting at the goal while Emmett tried to defend it. I kept glancing at Jasper, trying to figure out why I was feeling like I knew him. He caught me staring a few times and always quickly moved away. I’m pretty sure he’s not interested…
When it was time to stop, I blew the whistle again, and everyone started to get out of the pool but Jasper.  He didn’t seem to have heard it. He looked lost in thought as Bella tried to get his attention.
I shrugged and couldn’t help but smirk when I saw Emmett throw a ball at Jasper’s head. As per his usual, Emmett hit the mark, and Jasper yelled out. He glared at Emmett before turning to Bella.
“What, Bella?” He shook his head, and I was pretty sure that it hurt. Emmett had a mean throw.
She giggled. “You okay there, handsome?”
“Yeah… yeah, I’m fine. Just got a lot on my mind, I guess.” I heard him say, and he sounded a little off.
I motioned for Emmett to help me with the goal, which we put back in place. All of a sudden, we were pelted with balls by Bella and Jasper, who both had mischievous looks on their faces.
“Knock it off guys!” I glared at them as I gathered the balls up into the net and hauled them back to the storage closet. I wonder why he seemed so preoccupied….
I took my time putting everything away before I took my shower. I kept seeing Jasper in my mind’s eye, and I allowed my thoughts to wander as I let the water relax my muscles.Why is he so familiar..? I saw his eyes again; they’d seemed troubled. What is with him? More to the point, why do I even care? I only met the guy today. Rubbing my hands over my face, I decided it was time to just get dressed and go home. It had been a long day, and I was ready to call it a night.
Damn it. I rolled over to my right side and looked at the clock. 2.30 am. I hadn’t been able to sleep very well, constantly waking up. The few times I had drifted off to sleep, I’d been dreaming. The dreams felt like a memory, one that kept flitting away, almost as if it were dancing around in my peripheral vision. It was starting to annoy the crap out of me, to be honest, and it sure as hell wasn’t doing anything for my sleep.
I rolled over to my other side again, my head resting on my arm as I tried to relax my body and my mind. I needed to get some rest, since tomorrow would be my first day back at work. I finally was able to fall asleep after a while and started dreaming again.
I was in the shower along with the other guys. Laurent? Mike?
We were having dinner in the cafeteria, laughing and talking about what we’d gone through so far that week. Camp was fun, and we’d learned a few new moves to try out when we got home.
The guys were talking about the girls they’d kissed, who had gone “all the way” already. I didn’t say much.
We were in our cabin at night, and Laurent dared us to drink the whiskey he’d smuggled in.
Mike streaking across the lot, drunk.
I shot straight up at the sound of my alarm, my heart hammering. Camp? I haven’t thought about that in forever. Why would I be dreaming about it now?
I struggled to break free of the covers I’d managed to tangle myself in and turned off the incessant beeping of my alarm. Rubbing my eyes, I tried to remember more of what I had been dreaming about that night, but it all seemed to slip away. I gave up trying and got up to take a shower and get dressed. I needed to hurry, as there was a lot on the agenda today.
I was so busy with meetings and catching up on e-mails and other things that had built up during my absence that the day just flew by. I hardly had a spare moment to myself, let alone time to think about anything that wasn’t work. I was exhausted by the time I made it home that night. I loved working for my dad, and I loved being an IT tech, but at times I wished I were doing something else. That was partially why I loved volunteering at the swimming club. It was part of our company outreach to volunteer our time in the community, and the club was my chosen venue. It balanced my life out nicely, since teaching the kids was done on company time. I need to remember to thank Mom for making that suggestion. I smiled and put the bag of Chinese take out on the coffee table.
I flipped the TV on to college ball, the UW Huskies against the Oregon Ducks. Well, guess we all know who’s winning that one. I sighed as I sat down after grabbing my porter beer, putting my feet up on the table, and picking up my take out. I watched the game until halftime, when it became painfully obvious that the Huskies would not be bouncing back.Yep. Called that one… I sighed and turned off the TV and then got up and put the trash away.
I sat at my desk and began to draw up the lesson plan for the next week. My mind kept wandering back to Jasper, and I pinched bridge of my nose in frustration. Why is that guy so damn familiar?
I finished the lesson plan and the training plan for the team before calling it a night. God, I hope I get more sleep than I did last night… I’m exhausted. I crawled into bed after putting my clothes in the hamper, turned off the light and fell asleep quickly.
Laurent daring us to drink whiskey.
Mike streaking across the lot, drunk.
Jazz sitting next to me.
Watching him as he answers his Truths, feeling a pull to him.
Laurent daring me to kiss Jazz.
“Jazz..?” I mumbled as that last memory woke me up. I blinked, trying to focus my thoughts. And then the memory came back to me fully. I put my hands over my eyes as I remembered that night.
He seemed so nervous, but also excited. I felt both a little scared and a lot hopeful. I’d not come out yet and hadn’t been with many boys. I was still a little unsure of myself, but the excitement I saw on Jazz’s face made me bolder. I leaned in to kiss him, tentatively at first. I could feel a shock go through me as I touched his lips, and it seemed to set my nerves on fire. My eyes widened, and I was sure that he had felt it, too.
And then he sucked on my lip. Oh God, that felt good; it shot straight down to my groin. I groaned at the sensation, and Jazz deepened the kiss as our tongues danced with each other. Laurent and Mike had long been forgotten, and I relished the kiss with Jazz. We went to bed not long after, but I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
I was getting hard just thinking about it.
I waited for the others to fall asleep before I went to his bed and crawled in next to him, naked. I covered his mouth quickly. “Shh, it’s just me… I couldn’t sleep either…”
I couldn’t help myself and kissed him again. That same feeling of electricity went through me, intensifying, building inside me. I was slowly tracing my fingers from his jaw down to his chest, making lazy figure eights. I pinched his nipple and could feel him respond to my touch. I could feel the moan he let out send shivers down my spine.
I kept my eyes on his, wondering if he wanted more, like I did. I felt a thrill go through me as his hand started to slowly trace down to rest on the small of my back. I saw his eyes move down my body as he took in my naked form. My arousal was all too plain to see. I wanted him, more then I’d ever wanted anyone, but I was still a little scared.
“Have you ever..?” I whispered.
He cut me off and said, “No.”
His hand moved to my hip as he started to rub soothing circles with his thumb. I could tell he was nervous, too. I slowly let my hand move downward and rested it just above his pelvis. I leaned forward and brushed my lips against his once more. I whispered, “Tell me to stop, and I will…” I kept my eyes on his the entire time, watching for any hint that he wanted to stop. I found none. This time, he traced his tongue over my lips, asking for entrance. I eagerly let him enter, his tongue caressing mine.
I moaned softly into the kiss as I felt the back of his hand brush against my length. I took it as my cue to go further and let my fingers curl around his shaft. His eyes rolled back slightly, and he moaned softly. I tilted my head a little to deepen the kiss as I began to stroke his cock. I could feel it harden under my touch as I increased the pressure.
He circled his thumb over my head, spreading the pre-cum before grabbing my erection. I broke away from the kiss and rested my forehead against his, my breathing starting to increase. My eyes stayed on his as I let go of him and traced my fingers down his shaft to his balls. I kneaded them gently for a moment before moving my hand back up to the tip of his cock. I mimicked him and circled it with my thumb. Then I curled my fingers around his length again, resuming my earlier ministrations.
I could hear his breathing speed up along with my own. We were keeping pace with each other, sometimes grabbing harder, then twisting our wrists slightly. Other times we’d be gentler, slower, and then we’d speed up again. The entire time, I could feel the tension building inside me. I’d done this before, but it had never felt this intense, this good. My whole body felt like it was on fire, and I didn’t want this to stop.
I could feel it coming, though. My muscles started to tense, and I gasped, “Jazz…” And then it felt like something exploded inside of me. I grunted as I came hard while Jazz continued to stroke me. It took everything for me to keep moving my hand as I came, but I wanted him with me. It took several more strokes, and then I felt him spasm as he let out a breathy, “Oh, God…” I felt his warm cum shoot against my stomach, and I pressed my lips to his and kissed him hungrily.
I rubbed my eyes and let out a deep breath. “Oh, God… Jazz?” That can’t be him… can it?