I sat behind my computer, trying desperately to get some work done before having to leave for swimming class.  I drummed my fingers on the table as my thoughts once again strayed from the screen in front of me and the assignment I should be working on. Instead, my thoughts kept drifting back to the night Rose and I made dinner for Edward the week before.
I smiled as I recalled what Rose had said before leaving that night: “You let me know when you want the boy eating out of your lap and we will pull out all the stops.” There was no way in hell I was telling her that her kick-ass cooking skills wouldn’t be necessary anymore. Then again…. if that’s the reaction I get for one of her ‘weekday’ dinners, I wonder just what kind of response I could expect from Edward if Rose were to pull out all the stops. That thought certainly had its merits.

I shook my head, trying to rid myself of any further thoughts about that night, and concentrate on my homework assignment. It was no use though. For once, American History was not enough to hold my attention.
Edward pulled back from the hug and cupped his hand to my cheek as he gave me a huge smile. I smiled a little before grabbing his hand in both of mine, playing idly with his fingers. I looked down at our hands as the realization of what just happened really took hold on me. Much like at camp, I was a little shocked. This time, not only had Edward given me head, I’d reciprocated. I had taken him into my mouth.
But if I had to be honest with myself, I was also a little pleased with myself. I had been worried that I might not be good at it, but the look on his face as he came sent shivers down my spine. Though he had tried to warn me, I had swallowed everything he gave, determined to make him feel as good as he had me. My first reaction to feeling his cum hit my throat was the need to gag, which I managed to squash down. I wasn’t sure if that part would ever be something I’d get used to, but it was worth it to me, if it meant seeing that look of pure bliss on his face.
He sat back against the couch and pulled me to him. He planted a kiss on the top of my head, and I couldn’t help but smile into his chest. I sighed, wrapping my arms around his waist. He was tracing my arms with his fingers, it felt so nice.
“Baby, what’s wrong?”
I let out a long breath and shook my head. I wasn’t ready to talk just yet. The slight panic I had felt about what had happened was lessening as my mind kept going over Edward’s reactions. I felt his fingers run through my hair briefly. I loved when he did that. He lifted my chin up, forcing me to meet his eyes as he whispered softly.
“Talk to me, please?”
The look in his eyes, the concern I could see plain as day, it made me realize how much care he was taking with me. And strangely, it pushed whatever else I was feeling aside, leaving only the satisfaction of knowing I could make him feel as good as he made me. I was… proud, of what I’d done, and that thought gave me pause. I frowned at first then tried to fight the smile that was busting to come out.
“It’s nothing… just silly.”
He frowned at me.
“What do you mean, ‘silly’?”
I took a deep breath, deciding to just get it out, feeling nervous all of a sudden.
I blushed and braced myself for his reaction. All he said was “Oh…”, as he blinked. I could feel his body begin to shake with suppressed laughter, and when I heard him chuckle I sat back, glaring at him as I smacked his shoulder.
“Not funny.” I muttered.
When he looked at me though, I couldn’t help myself. And when he let loose, I soon found myself laughing right along with him. It felt great to actually laugh, releasing the tension that I had been feeling and lightening the moment. It took a few minutes before we pulled ourselves together. He cupped my face in both of his hands and looked me in the eye as he spoke.
“Jasper, you have no idea how good you make me feel. You said that with me, you feel things you’ve never felt before. Well the same is true for me, baby.”
His thumbs were stroking my cheekbones as he continued to meet my gaze for a moment longer. He tilted his head slightly and kissed me. It was slow and tender, filled with emotion as his lips moved with mine. I responded in kind, pouring everything I had into this kiss. I wasn’t sure I’d have been able to say the words, but I wanted him to feel them all the same. I loved him.
After several minutes, I pulled away slowly.
“How about that dessert, darlin’?”
Edward chuckled softly and nodded.
“Sure. Need any help?”
He let me go so I could get up, which I did reluctantly. I bit the inside of my cheek at the loss of contact, shaking my head.
“No, it’s all done.”
With that, I walked into the kitchen to grab the plate of chocolate covered strawberries. As I returned to the living room, I found Edward gazing into the fireplace. He looked lost in his thoughts as I walked softly to him. I placed the plate onto the coffee table before sitting down next to him. He turned his head to me as I did so, his lips turned up in a lazy smile. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against his briefly. I didn’t think he’d noticed what I had carried in yet.
“Close your eyes and open your mouth.” I whispered.
He did as I asked, and I smiled as I took a strawberry and placed it between his awaiting lips. He bit down and moaned softly as he chewed, opening his eyes to look into mine. I put the rest of the strawberry to his lips and he slowly took it in his mouth, as well as my fingers. I pulled them out slowly, and I could feel his tongue flick over them before releasing them. He smirked when I groaned softly in response.
He grabbed a strawberry as well, putting it to my lips. I kept my eyes on his as I took it in my mouth, flicking my tongue against his fingers. His eyes darkened a little, but his smirk remained in place. We fed each other like that for a while, until Edward suddenly put both his hands to my face and kissed me. He kissed me as if he were a starving man and I was a fucking buffet. I opened my mouth and we were alternately tasting the other’s mouth. God, he tasted of strawberries, chocolate and something all together Edward. I moaned softly as I felt his hand trail down my back.
He pulled away, resting his forehead against mine, breathing heavily as he tried to speak.
“Jazz, I think we should go to bed…”
I scrambled to my feet so fast, Edward all but fell over before he had the chance to react. I chuckled and held my hands out to him. He shook his head with a grin and grabbed my hands. I pulled him up and into my arms, kissing him briefly.
I nearly fell out of my chair as my phone started ringing. I was so startled that I picked it up without looking at the caller ID.
“Jasper? Is everything alright?”
I frowned. Why is he calling to see if I’m okay?
“Yeah, it’s me. Jazz, where are you?”
I rubbed the back of my neck, still feeling confused about the call, when my eyes fell on the little clock on my screen. I jumped out of my chair.
“Shit! I’m sorry, I lost track of time!”
I heard him give a small sigh of relief.
“That’s okay. I’m just glad everything’s alright. We’ve started class already though.”
“I’ll be there as soon as I can, Edward. I’m sorry…”
He interrupted me.
“Don’t be. Just be safe, okay? I’ll see you when you get here.”
I hung up, cursing under my breath as I grabbed my things. I’d packed some extra clothing today, since I was staying the night with Edward. What a great way to start off the weekend. Damn it, I’m never late. I ran out the door, hopped on my bike and made it to the swimming hall in record time. I ran inside, and decided to pop my head in to let them know I was here. As I opened the door to the hall, Edward looked up with a mixture of relief and worry on his face. He motioned one of the helpers over to him. I closed the door again and went to the locker room.
I sat down, plopping my bag next to me, as I needed a moment to calm down and catch my breath. I leaned back against the wall, closing my eyes. I heard the door open, but couldn’t make myself look up to see who it was. I didn’t need to, I knew it was Edward. Moments later, I felt a hand on my cheek. I leaned into his caress and opened my eyes to look at him.
“Hey…. “
He frowned a little and shook his head.
“I was worried maybe you’d changed your mind about this weekend.”
I blushed, though I doubt he noticed, since my face was probably still red from the ride over here.
“No… I didn’t. I just…” I cleared my throat. “Got a little distracted while trying to do my homework and lost track of time, is all.”
He quirked an eyebrow while he watched me. His lips pulled into that crooked grin as he replied.


“Distracted, huh? Nothing bad, I hope.”
This time, I knew he’d catch the blush.
“I wouldn’t say that, no…”
He chuckled softly.
“Just change for practice, we’re almost done with class.”
I scowled. I’d left them one person short.
“I’m sorry, Edward. I hate that I left you all hanging like that.”
“Don’t worry about it. Now go hit the shower.”
He winked and then left to tend to the end of class. I got ready for training, still feeling disgruntled with myself. Training went by quickly. There were two games coming up in a few weeks, so we were concentrating on preparing for them. Edward had told us the teams we’d be facing were both very good, and that we’d need to be on top of our game in order to win. We’d be playing at our pool, and the day would be long, as three games were scheduled over the course of the day. Just as we’d face off with each team, they would play against each other.
After training, we quickly put everything away. It seemed everyone had plans this weekend and wanted to get to them. I was starting to feel a little nervous about tomorrow and as a result, was dragging my feet getting dressed. Everyone but Edward and Emmett had already left the locker room.  I sat down to put my shoes on, taking longer than was necessary. Emmett came up to me and nudged my shoulder.
“Hey bro, you alright?”
I sighed and looked up.


“Yeah, Em, I’m okay.”


He tilted his head as he gave me a scrutinizing look.
“Stop worrying about Eddie’s folks, bro. They’re good people.”
I frowned at him, my mouth slightly agape in surprise.
“How did you….?” I groaned. “Rose…?”
He grinned and nodded as he slapped me on the back before walking off. I shook my head in amazement. Edward sat down next to me.
“You sure you want to go through with this, Jazz?”
I looked at him and grabbed his hand. I took a steadying breath, squeezing his hand. His eyes were cast downward.
“Yes, I’m sure, darlin’. I’m just nervous, that’s all. I’ve never actually done the whole “meet the ‘rents”-thing before, and certainly never received a dinner invitation.”
His eyes shot up to mine and he looked surprised. I’d met some of the parents of the girls I’d gone out with over the years, but never in a setting like this. It had always been when I’d picked them up from their house, almost as an aside. Never a formal introduction like this.
“At all? Really?”
I turned to him and hugged him, whispering into his ear.
“I want to meet your parents, Edward. But at the same time, it scares the hell out of me to do so. I don’t know what to expect here.”
He hugged me back and kissed my neck.
“Everything will be fine, baby, I know it will.”
He pulled back and smiled softly at me. He grabbed my hand in his and stood up.
“Come on, let’s go grab something to eat and maybe go see a movie after?”
I nodded and stood up, grabbed my things and followed him out. We went to dinner at the Irish place again, and I had a hard time not touching him. As much as I needed the physical reassurance, I wasn’t comfortable doing that in public yet. I knew he understood, as he kept to himself mostly – just nudging my leg every now and again. After dinner, we went to see a movie. I couldn’t tell you what we ended up watching, as my mind was too preoccupied with tomorrow evening’s dinner. The fact that Edward had his arm around me and kept brushing his fingers against my neck didn’t help my concentration either, though I wasn’t about to complain.
I stared out of the window as we drove to Edward’s parents’ place. I was clutching a bottle of Brunello for his father and a bouquet of mixed flowers for his mom.  My mother had deeply instilled in me and Rose that as dinner guests we should never arrive empty-handed. Edward insisted such a gesture was completely unnecessary, but I really wanted to make the best possible first impression on his parents. I’d been quiet the entire ride over, trying to stay calm and not think too much about what I was about to do. I felt Edward’s hand on my thigh as he gave it a squeeze.


“We’re here.”
He turned into the driveway. I sat up a little straighter in my seat as I took in the scenery around me. There was a large pond, surrounded by trees, shrubs and various flowers. The house was big, but looked comfortable. I took a deep breath as he parked the car. I couldn’t help but fidget in my seat. I heard Edward unbuckle his seatbelt, and then I felt his hands cup my face as he turned it so he could look me in the eye. I smiled softly at him.
“I can turn the car around and head home, if you want.”
He caressed my cheekbones with his thumbs, keeping his eyes on me as his lips turned up in a half-smile. I knew that if I really wanted him to, he would do just that and make our excuses. I can do this. I want to do this. I took another deep breath, turned my head slightly and placed a soft kiss on his wrist.
“Let’s not keep them waiting.”
He leaned forward and kissed me tenderly. I closed my eyes, letting my senses fill with Edward, calming my nerves. All too soon, he pulled away. He tilted his head to the front door of the house, and when I opened my eyes, I followed his gaze. A slender woman with caramel colored hair piled up in a loose bun stood in the doorway. She was wearing faded blue jeans with a white knitted v-neck top.
If I didn’t know better, I would have thought her Edward’s sister. She smiled brightly at us, motioning for us to come in. I glanced back at Edward, who was shaking his head with a grin.
“I guess we’d better go inside. It’d be a little difficult to make our excuses now.”


He chuckled softly before kissing me briefly again. He got out of the car, walked around and opened my door. I took several deep breaths before stepping out. He slipped his arm around my waist after he closed and locked the car. I shifted the wine and flowers into one hand and slipped my arm around him as well, and we walked up the path to the door, where Esme stood waiting.


When we got to her, he leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek as she did the same with him.
“Mom, I’d like you to meet Jasper. Jasper, this is my mother, Esme.”
Edward removed his arm from around my waist and took a step back. At the same time, Esme came forward and enveloped me in a warm hug. I stood for a moment, shocked at such a warm welcome, before I awkwardly returned the hug with one arm as the other was full. I glanced over at Edward, who stood smiling at us.
“Jasper, I’m so pleased to finally meet you.”
She stepped back with a smile and waved us inside.
“It’s nice to meet you, too, Mrs. Cullen. Oh, this wine and these flowers are for you and Mr. Cullen.”
“Esme, please, Jasper and thank you so much for the lovely flowers as well as the Brunello. I have just the place for flowers and will open the wine so it can breathe.” She took the bottle of wine and the flowers, smiling warmly at me. “Please, come in. Carlisle is in the living room, dear.”
She looked at Edward, who nodded as he grabbed my hand, lacing his fingers through mine. He pulled me inside and up the steps to the living room. I hardly knew where to look first. Esme stepped to the right into the open kitchen. The windows were huge and the view of the garden was breathtaking. Edward tugged at my hand and I followed him. The living room opened up before me. I saw the huge fireplace to the left and the tasteful furniture was welcoming without cluttering the room. There was a breath-taking view of the Sound, and I couldn’t help but gasp a little at the sight. Edward squeezed my hand and grinned at me.
“Ah, Edward, you’re here.”
My head snapped to the right, where a blond haired gentleman stood up from a chair in the corner. He put the book he had been reading down and walked over to us. Edward let go of me to give his father a quick hug.
“Hey Dad.”
I looked at the two men in front of me, my mouth open slightly. Aside from the difference in hair color, father and son looked incredibly alike. Carlisle had the bluest eyes I think I’d ever seen, and they seemed to sparkle with amusement as he noticed my gaping at them. I blushed and closed my mouth with a snap. I heard Edward chuckle softly and I shot him a glare as I felt my blush deepen. He cleared his throat, looking contrite as he introduced us.
“Dad, this is Jasper. Jasper, my father, Carlisle.”
Carlisle extended his hand to me, a crooked smile on his lips, his eyes twinkling.
“Jasper! So you’re the man behind the secret Instant Messaging at work.”
I shot a look at Edward, and though I was taken aback by the comment, I took some satisfaction from the wide eyed look on his face.
“I suppose I am, sir.”
“Call me Carlisle, Son.”


He gestured for us to take a seat. Edward guided me to the sofa by the fireplace, facing the windows and sat down. I sat beside him, as Carlisle took a seat on the other couch. Esme walked in with a tray full of an assortment of cheeses, crackers, sliced baguettes, grapes, some chutney and what appeared to be a tomato salad.
“Gentlemen, given this beautiful Seattle evening, might I suggest we have some appetizers out on the patio?” cooed Esme as she headed toward a set of French doors leading out to the backyard.
Carlisle quickly rose from the couch so he could open the doors for his wife and follow her out to the patio. Edward was next to rise to his feet. “Come on, baby, they don’t bite – much.” Edward winked as he offered a hand to help me off the cushion.
“Thanks for the reassurance, darlin’” I smiled, following him to the doors.