I had to swallow hard a couple of times as I sat listening to Jasper. I couldn’t believe my ears. Of everything he could have wanted to talk about, this wasn’t what I was expecting. At least, not yet. I hadn’t thought he would be ready this soon, since so much had changed for him in a relatively short amount of time. My mouth had gone dry and I had to clear my throat before I could get my voice to work, though I was only able to croak, “When?”
Jasper’s eyes flitted between mine, searching, “Sunday after next for lunch. Will you come?”


As if there were any choice. I could never say no to a request from him and certainly not one requesting my support. I would not let him face his parents alone, even if he’d have Rose there.  I squeezed his hands and nodded, “Yes, of course I’ll be there, Jasper. Are you sure you want to do this?” I had to ask, had to be sure he was certain.

He laced his fingers through mine, lifting our hands up a little as he spoke, “Edward, what I want is this, us.”
As I looked in his eyes, I could see the truth behind his words, and it sent my heart soaring. I leaned forward, kissing him tenderly before resting my forehead against his, my voice soft as I spoke, “You truly are amazing, you know that?”
I could hear his smile in his voice, “You’re not so bad yourself.”
I grinned as I sat back against the couch again, putting up one leg along the length of the couch as I pulled Jasper to me. I slipped my hands from his and wrapped my arms around him instead, holding him close as he turned around and settled with his back to my chest. He hugged my arms closer to him and I pressed my lips to his temple, murmuring, “Not so bad, huh?” 


I grinned as I looked down at him, he turned his head, scowling slightly, sticking his tongue out in response. I chuckled and quickly dipped my head, sucking his tongue into my mouth, massaging it with my own. He moaned softly into my mouth as I kissed him. He shifted slightly, leaning further into the kiss as he ran his hand up my arm and into my hair, tugging lightly at it. After a few minutes I pulled away, giving him a final peck on his lips. He had his eyes closed, a peaceful look on his face. 
I squeezed him to me, loving the feel of him in my arms. I watched him as he sighed contentedly and opened his eyes. I smiled softly at him, “So why Sunday after next?” 


I was curious as to the timing.  A shit-eating grin spread wide across Jasper’s face before he stated, “Well, I’d have done it this weekend, except Momma and Daddy are going to be out of town. Daddy has a meeting or something in Houston, and he’s taking Momma with him so they can visit their old stompin’ grounds, as she put it. Their flight was scheduled to depart while we were training, and they’re not slated to be home again until Friday of next week.”
I grinned and quirked an eyebrow, “You don’t say.”
He nodded as he pulled my face to his again, murmuring against my lips, “Indeed I do.”
His lips moved languidly against mine, as I considered the fact he wouldn’t need to go home and spend time with them. I pulled away slightly, whispering, “Stay, please?”
He turned around to face me fully, wrapping his arms around my neck as I wrapped mine around his waist again, “I was hoping you’d say that.”
I pulled him close, needing to feel him. I scooted down a little, and he moved with me so we were laying on the couch, him flush on top of me. I let my hands roam over his back as I kissed him hungrily. Running my hands down to his ass, I squeezed it firmly as I bucked my hips into his, causing us both to moan. I wrapped my legs around him, pulling him closer still as my hands went back to caressing every part I could reach, our kisses becoming more feverish the longer we kept going. 


I want more, to feel more. To feel him. I pulled away slightly, breathing hard as I looked at him, his eyes hooded and dark, “Jasper…” I ran my fingers through his hair, taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly, unsure of how he’d react to what I was about to ask him, “make love to me?”
I watched as he stilled in my arms, his eyes on mine as he bit his lip. I cupped his cheek, gently caressing his cheekbone with my thumb, trying to soothe his worries as I whispered hoarsely, “Please, Jasper. I need to feel you, just like you needed me. You won’t hurt me, I promise.”
He stayed like that for a while, worrying his lower lip before nodding slightly. I slipped my hand to the back of his neck, pulling him closer again. I gently sucked on his lower lip, tugging it from between his teeth before kissing him fully. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I moaned softly as our tongues danced together. My left hand traveled to the small of his back, pressing his hips to me  as I bucked mine into his.  My right hand went to his hair, my fingers knotting in his curls. 


I could feel the tension increase in Jasper as we kissed, so I pulled away slightly, resting my forehead against his as I let my fingers begin to trail lazy circles on his back. I looked into his eyes, several emotions flickering across his face. I brushed my lips against his, whispering, “Jazz, it’s okay, you don’t have to…”
He shook his head and closed his eyes, his voice husky as he spoke, “You have no idea how much I want to…”
He tilted his head and began kissing me again, but his body continued to be taut with tension.  I pulled back again, frowning slightly as I watched him, “What is it, Jazz? Tell me?”
He sighed and closed his eyes, resting his forehead on mine again as he whispered, “I’m just…”
As his voice trailed off, I put my hands on either side of his face, coaxing it up so I could see him better. His brow was furrowed in frustration, and I gently ran my thumbs over his forehead to smooth out the worry lines. “Just what, baby?” I asked softly.
He opened his eyes hesitantly as he confessed in a low voice, “I want to make you feel as good as you did me, but darlin’, what if I hurt you? I’m not sure what to do . . .”
I pecked him lightly on the lips, smiling softly at him as my thumbs caressed his cheekbones, “Jazz, I promise you, you won’t hurt me. I trust you,” I kissed him briefly again, before continuing, “You don’t have anything to worry about. All I want is to be with you, Jasper, and it’ll be good because it’s you. As with everything else, we’re in this together, right?”
He seemed to consider something for a moment before nodding, and I saw him visibly relax a little. “I love you, Jasper,” I whispered.
He smiled before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my lips, murmuring against them, “I know. I love you, too,” his lips resuming their languid movements against mine. 


I slipped my arms around his back, pulling him closer so I could deepen the kiss. Jasper’s hands wound into my hair, his fingers tangling in it, tugging lightly. I moaned softly into his mouth, my eyes long since closed as I simply let myself enjoy this moment with him. He started to slowly grind his hips into mine, setting a steady rhythm, it felt so fucking good. I could feel both our bodies responding to the friction he was creating and it wasn’t long before I wanted more. 


Too many clothes. I slid my hands to his waistband, running my fingers along it, attempting to get at his belt buckle. I opened my eyes in confusion as I felt Jasper pull away. He shook his head, an almost shy smile playing on his lips. Too fucking cute. How can he still be shy?
He put his hand on mine, holding it in place, his eyes intent on mine as he whispered, “I want to do this right, Edward. I want to take care of you, like you did for me.”
He paused for a moment, as I tried to figure out what he meant. He kissed me briefly as he laced his fingers through mine, watching me as he spoke again, “Can I take you to our bed?”
Our bed? I searched his eyes, wondering if he realized what he’d said. I couldn’t help the smile that played my lips as I nodded, not trusting my voice at the moment. He got up from the couch and pulled me up to him, hugging me close as he kissed me soundly. Before I could put my arms around him and really get into things though, he pulled back, grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards the bedroom. 


I followed very willingly. He flipped the lights off as he went by the switch, turning to me as he continued to walk backwards to the bed. I couldn’t put my finger on what I saw in his eyes, but the playfulness and determination I sensed from him made me smile. He pulled me to the side of the bed, taking my other hand in his as well as he looked into my eyes. He seemed to be mulling over something, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through his mind. I rubbed the backs of his hands with my thumbs while I waited for him. 


He smiled at me, gave my hands a squeeze before letting them go and trailing his hands up my arms, he put his hands on either side of my neck, his thumbs resting just below my ears as he leaned in, placing a sweet kiss on my lips. 
He gave me a small smile as he pulled back, his hands slowly moving down my chest, undoing the buttons of my shirt one by one. His lips soon followed as he kissed and nipped at the exposed skin. I moaned softly as I watched him, my fingers gently running through his hair as he continued to tease my skin. Once he had unbuttoned my shirt, he swirled his tongue around my bellybutton quickly, making me take in a sharp breath. 


He smirked at me as he stood up.  His hands slowly roved over my stomach and up to my pecs, his fingers flicking my nipples once before moving to my shoulders as he pushed my shirt from my upper arms. He kept one hand on my shoulder as he stepped behind me, placing a soft kiss on my neck, and murmured in my ear, “I love you. I love touching you, seeing you.”
I shivered at his words, moaning softly as I closed my eyes and tilted my head to the side, my voice low and husky, “I love you, too, Jasper.” I heard him chuckle softly before he trailed his lips from my neck to where it met my shoulder and grazed the skin with his teeth.
I groaned softly as I felt him slide my shirt all the way off of me, his lips never leaving my back as he gave as much attention to the newly exposed skin there, as he had to the front. It was slow torture to feel his lips as he moved, and I loved it. I gave a soft sigh and let my head fall forward. The tenderness he was showing me was beyond anything I would be able to put into words. 


I felt him straighten up behind me as he slipped his arms around to my front, sliding his fingers along the waistline of my slacks to my belt. He rested his hands over it and I felt his breath against my ear before he whispered softly into it, “You’ll tell me if I hurt you in any way, right?”
I leaned back into him, my head resting on his shoulder as I put one hand in his hair, placing the other on his hip as I spoke softly, “Together, Jasper.” 


I tilted my head and captured his lips with mine, moaning into his mouth as I felt one of his hands start to unbuckle my belt, and the other palming my hard on. All too soon, he pulled away, but only to undo my pants, and slip them down my hips, along with my boxer briefs. I stepped out of them quickly and turned around, putting my hands on either side of his face and pulling him to me, my lips crashing to his briefly before murmuring against his lips, “You’re wearing far too many clothes, Jasper.”
I grinned slightly as I grabbed the hem of his shirt and tugged at it, indicating he needed to lift his arms. As soon as he had them in the air, I pulled the shirt over his head and threw it aside. I didn’t care what happened to it. I wanted it off, and him naked. Now. He had already unbuckled his belt and was trying to unbutton his fly when I simply pulled hard on either side of it, opening it quickly. I could always get him another pair of pants. 


He watched me with a raised eyebrow and a crooked smirk as he put his thumbs in his waistband, and pushed down his pants and boxers at the same time, much like he’d done with me, “A little anxious, are we?”
“Fuck, yes.” I breathed, my eyes roaming his naked body before me. As soon as my eyes were level with his, I pulled him closer again, needing to feel his skin against mine. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders as his went around my lower back, pushing our hips closer together. We both groaned as our cocks rubbed together. He tilted his head slightly and nuzzled my neck, “Lie down, darlin’.”


I pulled away and sat on the edge of the bed. I quickly discarded my socks and saw Jasper do the same. I smirked at him as I pushed myself back up the bed, my eyes never leaving his as he watched my every move. He stood perfectly still, waiting until I was settled in the middle of the bed, my upper body lifted as I rested on my elbows and my legs spread slightly apart. I quirked a brow and said, “Coming?”


He grinned as he grabbed the lube and a condom, putting them next to me on the bed for easy reach. He lowered himself on the bed, crawling over me – moving between my legs – until he was nose to nose with me and whispered, “Not yet, but soon, darlin’.” 


He ran the back of his fingers over my cock as he spoke, causing it to twitch. He curled his fingers around it, stroking it a few times. I moaned as my eyes rolled back, “Fuck, Jazz…”


I lay back against the bed, cupping his face in my hands as I gazed into his eyes briefly before pulling him to me and kissing him. I needed to taste him almost as much as I needed to feel him. He continued stroking me for a little longer, teasing strokes that were driving all rational thought from my head. I moaned as his lips left mine and began to move south.  I moved my hands to his hair, running my fingers through it.


I was torn between wanting to watch his every move, and just closing my eyes and simply enjoying every sensation. His hand trailed up my stomach to my pecs, coming to rest on one nipple and I bit my lip, arching my back, as he began to roll it between his fingers. He lavished attention on the other one with his lips and tongue. He’s going to be the death of me, but fuck… what a way to go!
He bit down lightly, and I let out a hiss of pleasure, my cock twitching under him. I watched him as he slowly began to move down, leaving a trail of kisses in his wake, my skin aflame from his touch. His hands caressed my sides down to my hips, where he held them. He looked up at me through his lashes before gently sucking along the edge of my left hip bone. Repeating the gesture on my right side, he finally, finally, came to where I wanted him the most.
And he stopped. He hovered with his face inches above my aching cock, watching me. I could feel his breath over my cock, but before I could do or say anything, he flicked out his tongue, curling it around the head, teasing the small slit before wrapping his lips around and lowering his face to me. My hands gripped the sheets below me as I felt the warmth of his mouth envelop my cock. 


Like I had done with him, he too, was setting a slow and steady rhythm. And while I didn’t need a distraction, I relished the feel of his mouth on my dick. I watched as he continued to move up and down my shaft, taking in a little more each time, and I was mesmerized by the sight of it. 


After a minute or so, I saw him grab the bottle of lube and flick it open. I moaned at the loss of contact as Jasper let my cock slip from his lips long enough to put the lube on his fingers and warm it up. As soon as he was done, he was right back again though, taking me in his mouth as deep as he could without gagging. 


“Oh God, Jasper…” I breathed out.
I could feel his mouth twitch in what I was sure would’ve been a smirk, if he’d been able to do so. When I felt him tentatively press a finger into me, I bit my lip, trying to keep watching. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as he found my prostate, and I couldn’t have stopped the moan from passing my lips if I’d tried. It had been so long, it felt so good, and I wanted this so much from him. 


He was pumping his finger in and out at a steady pace, I knew he was watching me closely. I put my fingers in his hair, smiling lazily at him. He added a second finger, and soon a third, continually moving in and out, hitting my prostate more often than not. 


I felt like I was on a slow burn and about to go crazy. I needed to feel him in me. “So good, baby… please…”


I bemoaned the sense of loss as he pulled his fingers out and released my cock from his mouth. He leaned forward and kissed me tenderly before looking into my eyes. His voice was husky with want, and barely audible as he whispered against my lips, “I think I’m ready, darlin’. Are you; may I..?”
It hit me then, that he was being as careful as I had been, as if this was my first time. He was being so tender, so gentle and caring. I felt my throat tighten with emotion as I nodded and whispered, “Please, Jasper… I need to feel you.” 


He smiled, placed a soft kiss on my lips and sat up, reaching for the condom. I smirked at him as I snatched it from his fingers, opened the package and rolled the condom on his erection in short order. I grabbed the small bottle of lube, opened it and poured some onto him, making sure he was well slicked. He moaned softly as he watched me rub it on, his eyes darkening slightly. 


I tossed the bottle onto the nightstand, where this time it remained, and lay back down onto the bed. He leaned forward slightly as I spread my legs further to grant him better access, the head of his cock pressing against me. I nodded and I felt him slowly push forward. He paused as soon as his head was in, like I had done. I kept my eyes on him, and saw his brow was furrowed in concentration. 


When I rolled my hips he very slowly moved forward, pausing every now and then, as I had done, “It’s okay, Jazz… feels so good…”


I heard him utter a low, “Fuck…” as he was fully sheathed, and he stayed still. I cupped his cheek and coaxed his face up so I could look in his eyes. I rolled my hips again, and he shuddered slightly, I thought he said something, but I could not make it out. In seconds, it didn’t matter anymore, as he started to slowly pull in and out. 


It felt so fucking good to feel him move in me, his pace steady as he got used to the sensation of being inside of me. I had dreamed so often of this moment, had wanted it for so long, but those dreams were nothing compared to the reality of having him inside of me. He picked up the pace as I met him thrust for thrust, the look of concentration on his face replaced with one of intense pleasure. 


I put my fingers to the back of his neck, pulling him to me and kissing him feverishly. My other hand went down his back, my blunt nails scratching lightly across his skin, causing him to moan into my mouth. I pulled away enough so I could whisper, “More, baby…please… feels so good.”


His eyes flashed slightly as he attacked my lips again briefly. He pulled out almost all the way, before pushing back again, a little harder and faster every time. He raised himself up a little to get better leverage and I was getting so close now. I could tell by the look on his face that he was close as well. I heard him muttering under his breath, only catching a few stray words of “fuck…”, “can’t…”, as he continued.
He looked at me, the look of concentration back on his face, “Darlin’, I’m so damn close… come for me…please?”


I grabbed my cock and started to stroke myself in rhythm with his thrusts. It only took a few strokes  before I came, and I cried out, though what passed my lips, I couldn’t tell you. I was beyond reason. Jasper came seconds after me, I could feel him throbbing inside of me, but he kept up his movements, although slower, prolonging both our orgasms. 


We were both panting as he finally stilled inside of me, he leaned down and kissed me tenderly. I cupped his cheek and smiled at him. I had not felt this good, this satisfied in a long time, “Thank you. As I said before…you truly are amazing.” 


He chuckled softly, pressing his lips to mine again briefly before he pulled out, taking care that the condom stayed in place. I moaned softly as he left me, which caused him to chuckle again. He got off the bed and quickly padded to the bathroom to clean up and get a wet washcloth. He came back and tenderly took care of me yet again. When he was done, he went to throw the cloth away and came back, climbed in bed and snuggled up to me. 


He put his head on my shoulder, and put one leg over mine. He was quiet for a while, and I just held him close to me. He had just made love to me, and I could honestly say that I couldn’t recall anyone ever taking such care with me as he had. Not even my first time had been as tender and loving as Jasper had been. 


He glanced up at me and I took a deep breath before answering the unspoken question in his eyes, “I’m alright, baby. A little overwhelmed, but good.”
I smiled and kissed his forehead. He watched me for a moment, before a smile lit his face and he spoke softly, “I know how you feel, darlin’.”
We just lay together, snuggling, caressing, kissing and talking, until we both drifted off to sleep. 


The alarm went off at 5.30, and I hit it with a little more force then was necessary. I felt Jasper shift against me and mumble, “10 more minutes…” as he snuggled closer to me. I chuckled softly and held him close. I love waking up with him. I’m so looking forward to the next week.
I dozed off again, and when the alarm blared a second time, I groaned. I turned it off and reluctantly rolled away from Jasper so I could stretch. I ran my fingers through his hair as I leaned over him, whispering in his ear, “Jasper, you need to wake up, baby, if you want to go pick up some of your things before I have to be at work.” 


He groaned and turned his head, looking at me with a bleary eye, “I’m ‘wake.”
I chuckled and ruffled his hair, “Sure you are.” We’d agreed last night before finally falling asleep that we’d pick up his things before I had to go to work, so he’d be able to get some schoolwork done while I was at work. But that would only happen if he could actually wake up.
I kissed him lightly on the lips before slipping out of bed and heading to the shower. As soon as the water was at the right temperature, I stepped under the stream and a few seconds later I felt Jasper step in behind me. He wrapped his arms around my waist and rested his forehead between my shoulder blades, letting the water pound on his back. 


“Mornin’, sunshine,” I smirked. He let out a small “Hrmph.” before grabbing the shampoo and lathering his hair. This shower had to be quick and efficient, and we both knew it. There’d be time for fun later, now that he’d be staying with me for a few days. I wish he didn’t have to go back at all, but I’m not sure how to bring it up. 


After a few minutes, we were both showered, dried and dressed. Jasper still didn’t look fully awake though. Then again, we had enjoyed a late and active night. I grinned at him as I put my tie on. His eyes flashed and by the time I’d gotten the knot straightened, he was in front of me and had grabbed my tie, his voice low and gravelly, “I’ve been wanting to do this for a very long time.” 


He pulled on my tie, hard, and crashed his lips to mine. My eyes flew wide open, shocked at first at his action, before closing and returning the kiss with equal heat, my hand going to the back of his neck. He pressed forward, sandwiching me in between the wall and him, and I could feel his excitement, as well as my own, growing. I groaned into the kiss, my thumb caressing his neck as I slowly pulled away.
“Jasper, we have to go.” My voice was rough with want, and if I had my way, we wouldn’t leave the house today, but I had to go to work, and he had school to take care of. It wouldn’t do for either of us to ignore our responsibilities.


He nodded and took a step back. He straightened my tie with a soft sigh, “Sorry, I just couldn’t resist.  Do you know just how fuckin’ sexy you are in your work clothes?”
I cocked my eyebrow while caressing his cheek. “I certainly didn’t mind.  And I am ‘fuckin’ sexy’, huh? “
He grinned, sighed again and nodded, “Uh-huh!  But for now, we need to get my stuff, then work for you.”
I grabbed my briefcase on the way out the door, made sure Jasper had his keys,  and then we set off this his parents’ place. He was quiet all the way there, and I wondered what was going through his mind. My thoughts kept bouncing between our lovemaking and his request that I be with him when he comes out to his parents. 


Jasper told me to just pull up in the driveway, which felt kind of odd, given that I’d never done that before. Odd, but nice. It felt as if he was letting me in a little further into his life. I smiled at him as we got out of the car, and I waited for him to come around and open the door. He put the key in the lock and stopped mid-turn to look at me, “This feels strange…you know that? I don’t feel like I’m bringing you to my home,” he frowned slightly. 


I stepped up to him and placed my hand in the small of his back, not sure what to say to that. He smiled softly at me, then turned the key all the way and opened the door, gesturing for me to go ahead. I took a few steps inside, my eyes taking in the small, but neat kitchen. I turned to look at him and saw him leaning back against the door, his eyes a little sad as he watched me.
“What’s wrong, Jazz?” I stepped up to him and put a hand on his shoulder as I looked in his eyes. 


He shook his head, but didn’t say anything for another minute. I could almost see the wheels turn in his head as he thought through something. He frowned and shook his head again, mumbling, “Nothing. It’s stupid.”
I frowned, my eyes searching his, he lowered his eyes, shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot. I looked at him and sighed softly, taking him into my arms. I kissed his neck and murmured, “This isn’t how you wanted to do this, is it?”
He wrapped his arms around me and shook his head again, “No. It almost feels as if we’re sneaking around, trying to not get caught, you know? I’m sorry.”
“Jasper…” I pulled back and cupped his face in both my hands, “don’t, please? I understand, and you have nothing to be sorry about. You’re not doing anything wrong, baby.”


He sighed, nodding slightly as he put a hand over mine, holding it to his cheek, “Thank you.”
I kissed him softly and smiled as I lowered my hands, “It’ll be okay. Now, go grab your stuff. Do you need a hand?”
He shook his head, biting his lip for a moment, “No, that’s okay. Uhm… I was going to show you my room, but…”
“That’s alright, I understand. I’ll just wait here until you’re done,” I took his hand and gave it a quick squeeze before tilting my head, indicating he should get going.
He nodded once and headed off to the other room. I heard him go up some stairs, and then the opening and closing of a door. I took a deep breath, letting it out slowly as I looked around. I walked over to the counter and leaned back against it as I folded my arms across my chest. I tried not to think too much, but I couldn’t help worrying about Jasper.
Is this all happening too fast? I love him so much and I know he loves me, too. I sighed. I don’t want to risk losing him by him pushing himself to do what he’s not really ready for.  I looked to where he’d gone to and pinched the bridge of my nose. And who are you to decide what he’s ready for, Edward Cullen? Jasper’s a grown man, he makes his own decisions, and you’d damn well better let him.
Before too long, Jasper was walking back into the kitchen carrying his laptop, and a stack of books in his arms, and a backpack over his shoulder. He smiled at me before putting down the books and laptop on the counter, and slipping the backpack off his shoulder so he could step in front of me. He placed his hands on my hips, and as I looked in his eyes, I could see that most of the sadness had gone.
I smiled and kissed him softly, “Got everything you need?”
“Yep. All set, since I’ve got my swimming gear already at your place. Would you take the bag? I don’t want to risk dropping the laptop, I nearly did on the way down,” he chuckled.
I grinned as he stepped back and I stooped to grab the backpack, shrugging it on my shoulder. He picked up his books and laptop and walked to the door, opening it and letting me get out first. He was balancing his things carefully as he turned to lock the door behind him. I’d walked over to the car and put his backpack on the backseat while he was locking up.  I held the door open for him so he could put his stuff in as well.


He closed the door, and pecked my lips, “Take me home, darlin’?”