The Thing About Love – Epilogue

The warmth and weight is what wakes John. It always seems to, and it never fails to put a smile on his face as his senses filter to his brain: Rodney. It’s been three weeks since that day in the jumper. Three weeks of chaos and fighting, losing people as well as saving lives, but also three weeks of bliss and happiness like John has never known.


Shifting carefully, John wraps his arms around the sleeping form next to him. He knows it won’t be long before Rodney wakes, it never is, but John relishes these quiet moments the most where Rodney is still and utterly at peace. Ever so softly, John presses his lips against Rodney’s hair and lingers, breathing him in.


“You’re thinking too loud again,” Rodney mumbles, still half-asleep.


A quiet chuckle escapes John. “Sorry,” he murmurs.


Lifting his head, Rodney smiles sleepily at John. “’s Okay.”


Closing the distance between them, Rodney kisses him with a tenderness John would never have thought to find in Rodney. After several minutes, Rodney hums and snuggles closer to John. “You know, I’ve been thinking…”


John chuckles, earning him a swat on his ass. “Hey!”


Rodney glares at him for a moment before continuing. “As I was saying, I’ve been thinking. Maybe I should have Zelenka go over the jumpers again, you know, maintenance, maybe some of the upgrades he’s been wanting to do. Miko’s been making noises about the database, too, saying she’s found something related to the ZedPMs. Charging them, I think she said.”


John’s eyebrows are practically at his hairline. “Are you serious? She’s found a way to charge them?”


Rodney half-shrugs. “Not sure yet. Maybe. I’ll go over it with her today. If she has, then we’ll finally be able to get Atlantis running the way she’s meant to.”


The pleased nudge from Atlantis only adds to the feeling of warmth and elation in John. “That’d be great, Rodney,” he whispers. “Atlantis’ll be happy, I’m sure.”


Rodney glances at him, a mixture of surprise and happiness in his eyes. “Well,” he says, tracing John’s lip with his finger, “gotta do something to thank the old girl. After all, she helped us finally get together.”


John laughs, nodding. “That’d be one hell of a thank you gift, for sure.”


“Yes, well, she deserves it.”


“She certainly does,” John agrees, pushing against Rodney to roll him onto his back. John follows, draping himself over the other man, whose arms wrap around John securely as they kiss. Losing himself in the moment, the last thing through John’s mind is that Rodney is his and he is Rodney’s and together they belong on Atlantis, and nothing will ever take that away from him.


  1. Greywolf the Wanderer

    October 28, 2016 at 10:35 am

    nice one!! I enjoyed the hell outta this! this is how it should have been, dammit.

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