At The Deep End – Drabbles from Momma Hale

A/N: Since I haven’t been able to write, I had SorceressCirce give me a few prompts in the hopes of getting into the groove again. Took a while, but the end result is what you see below. Hope you’ll enjoy getting into Momma Hale’s head for a bit.
Thanks for the prompts and beta effort, SorceressCirce.

POV – Jasper’s mom

I watch him as he asks if we can sit down to talk as a family. He says he has someone he wants to introduce to us.
The cerulean of his eyes – mirrors of my own – shines brightly as he talks. I want to meet the person who’s been able to make my son come so alive.
Tilting my head, I take in every tiny cue he conveys, though he doesn’t realize it. I am a mother, after all.
I have a feeling I will get along with… him.
But I worry, knowing his father won’t.
I nod, reaching out.

I hear Jasper’s words, see the connection between them – apparent even from where I stand. Part of me wants to rejoice – he has found love. Finally.
Instead, I stand, waiting for the impact I know is coming.
I’m not left waiting long as his father lets loose. I turn away, unable to bear the pain coursing through me – the same pain I could see reflected in my son’s eyes.
I know that things in this family will never be the same again. The bond is forever broken.
I pray that the shattered pieces of our lives can mend again.   



The door is locked, and I refuse to let him in, to talk to him. I hurt too much right now, unable to think – and I know I need to have a clearer head to even attempt to reach him. He’s too mad now, anyway.
I sit on the loveseat by the window with Jasper’s baby book balanced in my lap. I flip through the pages as my thoughts drift back through the years.  
My fingers brush tenderly over the wisp of golden hair that’s stuck next to a picture of his first haircut.
My poor baby – my brave boy.



The memory of a long-forgotten argument comes back as I lie in bed, crying myself to sleep.
The venom he spewed upon finding out two of his subordinates were gay shocked me even then. He had always been a passionate man, old-fashioned, set in his ways. Once upon a time, those had been things that I loved about him.
Now, those very things have caused me to lose something precious to me. Something I may never gain back, for he would not allow it.
I learned long ago not to go against him when he was determined like this.



He is being ridiculous – refusing to acknowledge what happened. Refusing to see the truth. Instead, he is pretending he doesn’t have a son. My son! And he is expecting me to do the same.
My son! 
I want to be there for Jasper, to comfort him, but I’m scared.  
I try to reason with my husband, try to make him see that nothing has changed. It’s still Jasper – the son I gave him, the one he cherished above all else.
Or so I had thought.
He gives me a warning as he erases Jasper’s message.
I take heed.
For now.

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  1. I knew it! I knew Mama Hale was waaay to smart and had that motherly instinct….she knew her baby was gay, and she was so happy to see him in love. She knew she would like Edward because he made her baby happy, and come alive.Seeing her son holding Edward, saying 'I love you' …she had that moment of pure bliss a parent feels when their child finds happiness in something, or in this case someone.Her reaction to her husband is sad..she loves the man, though she knew he would react this way, she doesn't understand how…towards his son. I believe her feelings towards him have hardened a bit. Poor Mama…she lost her whole family, and all she wants to do is comfort her baby.xoxo, Jezzy

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