At The Deep End – random drabbles

A/N: A few more drabbles, in varying POVs. Prompts and POVs are courtesy of EchoesOfTwilight. They are in order of the story time-line.
Thanks to SorceressCirce and kimberlycullen10 for beta’ing.
I hope you’ll enjoy.

As always, Twilight is not mine.

Talisman – EPOV

I held the small, innocuous piece of metal between my fingers. The uneven ridges bit into my flesh as my grip tightened.

The key in and of itself was innocent enough – the reason behind it, however, wasn’t. I didn’t know what he would say, if he would welcome the gesture. Would he be upset? Would he use it? Would he need to?

I closed my eyes briefly before holding it out to him. He watched me curiously as he opened his hand.

“Here, Jazz. I want you to have this…as a talisman, of sorts. I hope you’ll use it.”


Ethereal – JPOV

The first weak light of the day filters through the blinds, its rays dancing across his hair as he sleeps next to me. The way it reflects off the reddish-hued locks that frame his face gives him an almost ethereal look, making me pause in awe once more as I stare at him.

He’s so peaceful in his slumber, and I find myself wondering yet again how I got so lucky as to have him love me.

My fingers gently trace the lines of his face – I can’t seem to help myself. I smile as I watch him wake slowly.


Resistance – RPOV

He tells me that he’s going to meet Edward’s parents. He’s nervous – excited, I think. I know this is a big deal for him. He thinks that Edward is nervous, too.

I convince him he needs to do something special, to have dinner with him and just be together tonight – to talk.

As I drag him out the door on our way to the grocery store, he offers me little resistance – it’d do no good. I’m going to help him prepare for this as best I can. He’s counting on me, and I don’t aim to let him down. Ever.


Reeling – JPOV

Too many hands holding me, punching me – knocking me down.

Too many words slung at me, meant to break, to weaken, to cause pain.

I don’t understand why… Why me? Why now?

Everything seems to blur together, to the point where I don’t even know where the fists are coming from or who is shouting at me anymore. It’s all as one.

I try to fight back, only to get punched so hard in the ribs that the wind gets knocked out of me.

Again and again, they hit, kick, spit their ugly words.

I’m reeling, trying to hold on.


Gravity – EPOV

I hear the words, but none truly register with me – my focus is solely on Jasper. The gravity of the situation is clear enough as I barely manage to wrap my arms around him before he slumps down, and I help him to the floor gently.

Jasper’s broken plea cuts through me, but it is his father’s acidic rejection of even the idea of Jasper as his son that hurts me most – because it hurts him.

I had so hoped that his fears would turn out to be baseless, but what is happening here…it breaks my heart. For him.


  1. I love how your drabbles gave more insight on the characters' feelings and thoughts. And having them so short make them all the more intense. Love youSeren

  2. Talisman ~ so adorable, Edward wanting to give Jasper the key, knowing it means something more, being all nervous.Ethereal ~ just beautiful. Jasper watching his Edward sleep, seeing his stunning inner beauty reflected in his outer beauty. Feeling lucky to have this someone in his life, in his arms.Resistance ~ again I love Rosalie. She is such an awesome sister…breaking her brother's tiny bit of resistance so she can help him in any way prepare for a major step in his life. Help him feel less nervous….I love it.Reeling ~ I cried…I felt the blows breaking his body, I flinched. I felt the harsh words breaking his soul I cringed. I wondered, just like Jasper…Why?Gravity ~ I cried deeper. Sobs wracking me…I wondered not why? but HOW? How could a father do that to his son? I felt Jasper's pain, magnified through Edward's pain. To watch your love break so thouroughly, in and out…just no words…only pain.I love you Nae, these were exquisite as usual.xoxo, Jezzy

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