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As ever, it’s Twilight that owns me, not the other way around (dangit).

Jasper’s going to be here any minute, and I’ve never been more nervous.
We’ve been dating for a few weeks now – he’s the first guy in a long time that’s been able to catch my interest.
I know he wants more, but I’ve been holding off. I’m not even exactly sure why, other than being afraid. My track-record on relationships leaves much to be desired.
For the tenth time, I straighten the couch cushions when the doorbell rings.
Taking a deep breath, I open it to see his trademark grin.
Anxiety and relief settle in equal measure as lips meet.

He puts in the movie he brought, and we settle on the couch, mostly watching the screen.
My mind won’t stop even as his touch makes my body quiver with need – and fear.
We’ve done all but the final deed, and tonight is the night that was to change.
My nerves propel me from my seat. Trying to buy myself some time, I ask, “Can I fix you something?”
I focus on making our martinis – shaken, not stirred – not even able to tease him about Bond.
My back is to him. I can hear him moving closer.
I turn.
My eyes find his instantly. I am burned by the sincerity in them – naked want, need…love – all reflected back at me.
He takes the shaker from me, putting it aside before reaching for my hand with his right hand, his left cupping my cheek.
Gaze locked with mine, he whispers, “Ed…I promise, whatever happens tonight, I won’t run. I want this.”
He moves our hands between us, smiling tenderly.
“I want you.
I stare at him, disbelieving.
He brushes my cheek. “I want us. All of it, baby.”
There’s nothing I want more. That’s what scares me most.
Jasper leans in, his breath washing over me – mint and coffee and just him.
“I love you, Edward,” he whispers.
Lips meet, speaking their silent language of lovers.
Something explodes inside of me, bursting free from its cage at his words.
He loves me!
I know I should respond. Instead, I pull away, cradling his face in my hands as my eyes search for reassurance.
“Really?” I breathe.
He smiles, nodding. “Yes. I. Love. You.”
He punctuates each word with a kiss, each lingering a little longer than the last.
I pull away again, smiling.
“I love you, too, Jasper.”
His eyes light up; his smile widens as he hears me – and somehow I just know.
Whatever fears held me before have no power anymore.
In his hands, I’ll be safe.
Placing his hands on my hips, he pulls me to him until our bodies are flush.
When our lips meet again, I sigh and tilt my head, deepening our kiss.
His fingers caress my back, setting my skin on fire – burning me with need.
As my tongue brushes his, we both moan.
I place my hands on his ass, pressing him closer.
I’m ready.
“Make me yours, Jasper?”