A/N: Happy Birthday, VampIsTheNewBlack. Hope you have an awesome day, with lots of hugs and kisses from your man.
Thanks to SorceressCirce for beta’ing.

“It figures the coffeepot would be the first thing you unpacked,” I chuckle.

He grins, raising one eyebrow. “Of course! Gonna need plenty of my favorite nectar to survive all this.”

He tilts his head to all the boxes piled everywhere.

My lips twitch as he pours us both coffee. “So, this is your favorite, huh? Damn, and here I thought…”

I let my words trail, knowing he’ll get what I’m not saying. Sure enough, he lightly nudges my arm, his voice huskier than before. “You know that that doesn’t count, mister.”

“Do I, now?”

Leaning in, he kisses me.

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  1. Oh, that is FANTASTIC! (I lives on coffee, don'tcha know). Thank you so much, love!

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