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“Bring it,” I taunt him, knowing Emmett never backs down from a challenge.

The gleam in his eyes tells me he won’t be holding back, which suits me fine. We’ve been skirting around the issue for weeks now, and I’m beyond frustrated.

Not angry. Just… in need of a good release, and it appears this is the only way I’ll get one.

We spar for what feels like hours, neither of us giving way until he manages to sweep me off my feet.

He lands on top of me, his chest heaving. His eyes burn into mine. He rasps, “Jazz…”


  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! There is just absolutely no way you are leaving that here!!!! Thanks for the drabbles and the super hot guys! They are so yummy I want to play with them, and lick them up. Well maybe not, because they will be full of sand. But I would touch.. A LOT!LOVE YOU!!!Seren

  2. LOL love you, too. We'll see 😉

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