A/N: Happy Birthday, Chele681! I hope you have a wonderful day.
As ever, I don’t own Twilight – it owns me.

It’s the last night of our summer vacation – our last night of freedom, so to speak, before we’re nose-deep in books again. It’s been so nice to spend a few weeks of quiet bliss at my parents’ vacation house, strolling along the beach every day.

Like now.

“You know,” Jasper says quietly, staring out over the ocean. “I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this.”

I look at him in surprise. “Of what, babe?”

He turns to me, grinning. “This view. The peace and quiet. Being with you. Most of all, you.”

Pulling him to me, I kiss his cheek.


  1. ZOMG. I die of the wonderful awesome sweetness. Thank you so much for this beautiful moment.

  2. you're welcome! So glad you liked 🙂

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