I gaze at the young couple walking along the path on the other side of the water, holding hands. I can’t hear them, but I imagine what they’re talking about. Remembering back to when Esme and I would walk that same path.

“Carlisle,” Esme says quietly. “I know you have to go back to England soon. I was thinking… how would you feel about me joining you?”
Pulling her to a stop, I turn to face her. I’m stunned; my heart beats faster with hope and anticipation. I’d like nothing better than to spend more time with Esme, but I’ve been too afraid to ask. It seems like such an immense sacrifice for her to make, given the short amount of time we’ve known each other.

“Are you sure? I mean… I’d love for you to… I love you, Esme.”

She stands on her tip-toes and kisses me, murmuring happily against my lips, “I love you, too, Carlisle. And yes, I’m sure.”