With a sigh, I get up to walk to the coffee shop, intending to warm up a little before heading back to the hospital. I’m stalling for time, but I can’t help myself.

The bell jingles as I open the door to the shop, warm air blasting in my face along with the aroma of coffee and freshly baked apple pie.

Alice smiles as I step up to the counter, though her eyes are sad as she takes in the look on my face. She reaches over the counter, covering my hand with hers as she asks quietly, “Your usual, today, Mr. Cullen?”

I nod.

“Oh, come on, Carlisle, please?” Esme cajoles, smiling like she’s already won, which she has, of course.

Rolling my eyes, I clasp her hand and lead the way into the coffee shop. Esme’s practically giddy as she orders us both an eggnog latte as well as pieces of both pumpkin pie and eggnog cheesecake.

I can’t begrudge her this, since we won’t be here for Thanksgiving, and it’s not likely we’ll be back next year, either. So, I give her the chance for one last taste of home, of her favorite treats during the holiday season.

Anything to make her smile like that some more. As much as we’re both looking forward to the move to England, I know it won’t be easy for her to be so far from her family.